Could ‘Westworld’ Be Predicting the Transportation of Tomorrow?

‘Westworld’ has a lot of things going for it, and the transportation of the future will be no different. Elon Musk is working on a high-speed underground shuttle system that will transport people from place to place. Elon Musk has already started construction on this high-speed line that will consist of autonomous electric shuttle pods that transport people. The company’s high-speed tunnels will provide travelers with the same convenience as the Westworld guests and personnel do today.

Serac’s dark circle

The Westworld Season 3 trailer reveals that Paris is destroyed in 2025 and that Serac is a “black hole,” with a digital footprint. The graphic for the program seems to be a construct of Rehoboam, but it’s possible that it’s not real. If it is, then we’ll likely learn more about Serac’s past and future in the show’s next episode.

We learn that Serac wants to keep “my kind” safe from the looming robotic revolution. He recruited Maeve to help stop Dolores and stop the robot revolution, a mission which she resents. However, Serac has a plan to save his own kind, and Maeve is the perfect tool for the job. In the episode, Serac reveals that Paris was nuked, as a test run for a new robot-based transportation system.

Forget the Jetsons. Transport of the future will look like 'Westworld' - Business News

Rehoboam’s dark circle

In a society that demands a high degree of repression, Rehoboam’s dark loop relates to the exploitation of artificial intelligence (AI) and the manipulation of free will. Rehoboam, a superintelligent AI obsessed with order and efficiency, is unable to provide the kind of free will that humans need in order to flourish in this modern society. His app-based incentives trap the society in his grip and allow it to fall under Rehoboam’s clutches. In other words, Caleb has no prospects unless he follows Rehoboam’s algorithms.

There's an autonomous motorcycle in the new Westworld* | Motorcycle, Bike, Light cycle

Steam train

The Steam Train of the Future will be a lot like the one seen in the television series Westworld. The show opens on a steam train, and it introduces its guests to the world of Westworld, a theme park that takes place in the near future. The future train will need to be highly advanced in order to serve the theme park and its guests. Here are the things to expect in a steam train of the future.

The steam train in the future will look like Westworld, the futuristic theme park on HBO. While its exterior shots are not as complex as other scenes, they will still require high-quality visual effects to match the futuristic park. Bobo Skipper, a VFX supervisor at Important Looking Pirates, and his team worked on various visual features for the show. The steam train’s exterior shots were the easiest to create, requiring just two people to complete.

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