Bicycles are for the future

The good weather and the end of the state of alarm, but not of the virus, have launched us into the streets to the cry of freedom (of movement). Reeds aside, there are few sensations more pleasurable than moving by bicycle. This weekend, in front of those terraces crowded with reckless citizens, we saw more cyclists than ever, entire families, even with athletic dogs, enjoying the spring. But we forget something very important: the bicycle is a means of transportation and not just a pleasure. It is also becoming one of the main tools in the fight against the climate crisis.

The bicycle is up to ten times more important than the electric car to reduce emissions in cities, to make them friendlier and healthier. Because renewing all fossil fuel vehicles will take us at least 20 years and we don’t have that much time. We also don’t have that much space for that many cars.

“In our congested cities, you often get there sooner on the sidewalk or bike lane than on those always clogged streets.”

Again, the modern thing will be the old-fashioned, back to the “San Fernando car”, a little while on a bike and a little while walking. Experts call it “active travel”, moving with the strength of our legs. Although we can cheat and incorporate that cool battery that will help us so much on the steep slopes.

Walking and pedaling are the two cheapest, healthiest and most ecological means of transportation that exist, a fantastic complement to public transportation. You’ll say that the downside is their slowness, but that’s not entirely true. In our congested cities, you often get there faster on the sidewalk or bike lane than on those always clogged streets.

Call it smart mobility. Dust off the bike. And if anyone asks you, you know: I’m no fool.

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